When you walk into a room for the first time, can you feel the “vibe”?  Most of us, whether your consciously aware of it or not, are affected by the indoor environmental quality on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.  Sometimes it’s the poor quality lighting, outdated furniture and decor, creaky doors and floors that can contribute to an eerie feeling and possibly cause your mind to play tricks on you.

What many people may not know is that there is a real, subtle, energy-quality that radiates throughout the space which most intuitive people can sense.  Others can feel it, but are not consciously aware of how it is affecting them.

There are many factors that can make a space feel spooky and haunted.  According to Professor Dr. Persinger, a cognitive neuroscientist at Laurentia University, creative “right-brained” people like musicians, artists, designers, and writers for example , have a greater chance in experiencing paranormal phenomenon such as audible and visual hallucinations after exposure to low-frequency electromagnetic energy.

Back in 2008, I first stumbled on the term EMF which stands for electromagnetic fieldsI had watched a TV program where ghost hunters investigated and measured haunted homes with EMF equipment.  An EMF reading would indicate the presence of a spiritual entity.  This was a new concept to me, especially since I was a building scientist and accustomed to a wide range of building investigation equipment.  This same year, I started my masters of building science degree and decided to research EMF’s from a building science perspective.  For two years I focused each research paper from an EMF perspective, learning all about the negative health effects it has on building occupants.

For my first research paper, I decided to investigate if paranormal phenomenon could be classified as an indoor environmental issue since it could affect the health and well-being of building occupants. I argued that fear, a common emotion after having an unexplained experience, is not healthy for many reasons.  People are naturally designed to react to stress, but chronic fear can lead to chronic stress, which can overexpose a person to cortisol and other stress hormones disrupting all your body’s processes.  According to the Mayo Clinic, chronic stress increases the risk of numerous health problems, including: anxiety, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment.

So yes, I do consider paranormal phenomenon as an indoor environmental issue. I can also confirm that you cannot measure spiritual entities with an EMF meter.  Most of the time, inexperienced ghost hunters are picking up readings from electrical sources and/or plumbing current.  However, it is important to take reports of unexplained experiences seriously because of the potential negative health impact, especially where children are concerned.

There are a number of practical solutions which involve improvements to the indoor environment including decreasing exposure to low-frequency EMF’s, improving quality of lighting, increase day-lighting to all rooms, use uplifting colours, clear out the clutter, repair air leaks and loose hinges, plumbing repairs, and more.

There are also holistic solutions available to mitigate negative subtle energies. Try Fung Shui – the traditional oriental art of furniture placement and energy balancing.  It is known to be beneficial for health, business and relationships.  Or try BioGeometry® Energy Systems – the art of energy-centering and correction of negative earth energy grids.  Sleeping and working in negative earth crossings have consistently been shown to be harmful for health.

Transforming the indoor environmental quality by using practical and holistic strategies is extremely beneficial that will help improve health and total well-being.

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