Creating sacred spaces is possible for everyone on any budget.  Achieving a high quality indoor environment is beneficial for improving total health at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

A sacred space does not necessarily imply a “religious” place to perform rituals – it is a space that radiates a superior energetic quality that transcends time and space.  I have seen people with chronic conditions that have stabilized and/or improved health.

The biggest challenge that I have today is not being able to effectively reach and teach people how to make simple changes in their indoor environments to drastically improve mood, behavior and overall health.  So many people live in the dark, suffering from depression and other health issues unnecessarily.  Of course, health issues need to be addressed by a professional medical practitioner.   Changes in lifestyle will also improve overall health.

The quality of food you eat, the people you are around, the indoor environment, the things you watch and listen to, the thoughts that you think – all influence overall health.  I’ve spent years researching this and have come to the conclusion that healing is possible and that prevention is the closest thing to the cure.

More will be written on this subject in the near future.  I’ll be including some case studies and strategies to create sacred spaces.

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