iStock_000014262915LargeThe Architecture Cures Foundation is now accepting donations.  Thank you!

With your help and generous donation to this charity fund, we can reach and transform lives for those suffering from major diseases who do not have the funds to transform their spaces into healthy indoor environments.

A simple tweak in colour and design layout, together with the removal of indoor environmental pollutants and geopathic stresses, can promote wellness, boost energy, and change lives.

Children are the most vulnerable to indoor environmental pollution because of a weaker immune system and faster absorption of toxins into their body. Children are also often more sensitive to the design and function of their spaces which can reflect their mood and behavior. Simple changes in their environment can make a world of difference in restoring total health.

Our continuous monitoring of these cases assists will assist in our ongoing research to discover what helps most in preventing the reoccurrence of sickness and disease.

We hope this charity fund will help transform spaces into healthy indoor environments to change lives, restore health, and elevate the energy quality of people suffering from sickness and disease.

Thank you!

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