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construction Ever wonder why some properties sell fast and others just sit on the market for months?  Potential buyers can feel the “vibe” of the space or the “quality” of the indoor environment and design.  It may be a subconscious feeling, but can be felt by most people depending on their sensitivities – this could potentially make or break a sale.

We can help you with site selection, new development, flipping, and selling properties by leveraging our research and experience in Green Building and BioGeometry Energy Systems which offers solutions that go beyond green standards”.   We do it right by integrating Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Geopathic Earth Stress design solutions that are Bio-Energetically superior for high performance buildings and healthy people.


The best time to consult with us is from the start of a project, but we can step in during any project stage.  Our specialty in green building, engineered envelopes, and energy-harmonizing will increase the value of the property and attract buyers.  Good design does not cost more than bad design – and we do it right!

Services Include:

  • Property Development/Flipping
  • Optimum Site Selection/Locating Power Spots
  • Green Building and Healthy Material Selection
  • Engineered Energy-Efficient Envelope Design
  • EMF Design Solutions
  • BioGeometry Energy System Solutions
  • Creation of Sacred Energy-Harmonized Buildings


Agents and brokers understand how difficult it can be to sell a property with “bad energy”.  Although never spoken of, some properties have what we call the Haunted House Effect– it feels bad, it looks bad, and it can literally drive people away.

Services Include:

  • EMF Mitigation
  • Geopathic Stress Mitigation
  • Renovations
  • Professional Organizing
  • Staging with Optimum Furniture Placement

In some countries like Israel, real estate transactions cannot be completed without an EMF survey.  Other important tests to consider are Radon, Lead, and Mould surveys.  Agents will be able to leverage this with potential buyers for a quicker sale, and buyers will have peace of mind that they are purchasing a profitable and harmonized property.  Some customs refer to this as “good luck”.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: or  416.919.1978 (Local) or 1.888.97.CURES (International)