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contact_39007198North Americans spend more than 90% of their lives indoors, using it for business, learning, production, living, worship, recreational, and more.   A superior high-quality design and indoor environmental quality will have a positive impact on health, well-being, productivity, mood, behavior, and motivation of the people in buildings – high performance buildings equals high performance people for success!

We measure the Quality and Quantity of environmental conditions and leverage our research and experience in Green Building, BioGeometry® Energy Systems, and Design to offer solutions that go beyond green standards”Harmonized healthy buildings have a cutting edge in the market, attract clients, boost leasing opportunities, reduce sick days, and more.


  • EMF Surveys/Design Solutions
  • BioGeometry® Energy Systems
  • Bio-Energetic Solutions for Employees
  • Building Science Environmental/Envelope
  • LEED/Green Building Materials
  • Professional Organizing
  • Project Management, and
  • Lunch and Learns


We apply the “Precautionary Principal” which simply means that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Our Preventative Action Plan is a 2-Step Energy Balancing Design Process which integrates scientific strategies with cutting-edge holistic techniques to purify, amplify, and ground the “good vibrations” of the indoor environment.  Achieve improved employee performance, higher revenues, and a healthy building.


CEO’s, Board of Directions, employees, students, patients, and clients in all businesses and industries including IT companies, hotels, wellness centers, law offices,  medical and dental offices, hospitals, schools, daycares, non-profit and religious institutions, government buildings, entrance lobbies, and almost any other type of business can benefit from our services.  Benefits include:

  • Reduced Sick Days
  • Motivation and Health Restoration
  • Increased Productivity and Revenues
  • Improved Air, Water, Electrical Quality
  • Reduced Electro and Chemical Sensitivities
  • High-Quality Indoor Environments
  • Natural Pest Control
  • Energy Savings, and
  • Increased Real Estate Value


Our team of building scientists and engineers will ensure you have an energy-efficient envelope design integrated with healthy building materials.  We ensure the indoor environmental quality has reduced pollutants with the right selection and layout of materials, lighting, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing – this is a critical aspect of the project to ensure low EMF pollution.

Our team of certified BioGeometry architect/consultants will ensure the form, function, colour, materials, and site selection are of the highest energetic quality.  We holistically measure design choices to be in resonance with the site and building occupants – this design process ensures the highest quality end result creating superior spaces and indoor environments.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: or 416.919.1978 (Local) or 1.888.97.CURES (International)