Residential BioGeometry 2009 Dr.Pier Paolo Alberghini, OAA /

Dr. Pier Paolo Alberghini, OAA, Architecture Cures Associate
BioGeometry® Residential 10,000 sq.ft. – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

 This private residence in Toronto has the distinction of being the first building in North America to be conceived and built from the ground up using the principles of BioGeometry®.  Built to the highest standards, it is a true “green” building, green in the context of being true to nature and sensitive to Earth’s demands. The application of BioGeometry® has created a habitat that promotes a frequency of optimum health and well-being for the occupants.

Blending with the neighbouring houses (as required by the Building Department) and built with natural materials, this home is a beacon of health, affecting the surrounding neighbourhood. The BioGeometric principles used in the design and construction allow the house to have a positive effect on pollution and on any deleterious EMF emissions caused by high-tension wires and cellphone towers.

The “spring of energy” is marked in the yellow circle.  BioGeometrical devices were connected to the “power spot” or energy fountain from Earth to enable the distribution of the beneficial energy throughout the whole building.

Once the Site was cleared of the existing structures, an examination of the inherent Earth energies present was done, detecting the magnetic grids and other natural forces that were present. This is a custom procedure that is used to build according to BioGeometry®, since we want the design to conform as much as possible to the natural offerings of the environment.

The “invisible” forces -and yet very effective and detectable- if honored and respected, can enhance the building in a very positive way. This is how BioGeometry® principles respect the environment to build “green”. It is a different “green” than is used in today’s construction parameters and LEED principles. Not only is it a way to look at conservation and prevent pollution, it is also a way to build according to a natural harmonization with nature to take advantage of its gifts. As well, BioGeometry® can beneficially change the deleterious effects of the man-made pollution.