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Hansen-Front Courtyard -2We design, build, and project manage new construction and renovations helping homeowners make informed “green” building decisions and site selection to achieve environmental harmony for superior design and indoor environments.

Your family will breath clean air, use pure water, sleep in safe zones out of geopathic stresses, have superior furniture placement, and use technology in a safer way to reduce harmful health effects – solutions for children, the elders, people with weak immunity and hyper sensitivities.  We leverage our research and experience to offer homeowners solutions that “go beyond green standards” with our team in Green Building Sciences, Engineering, and BioGeometry® Energy Systems.


  • EMF Surveys/Design Solutions
  • BioGeometry® Consulting
  • Bio-Energetic Solutions for Occupants
  • Building Science /Green Building
  • Architectural Design
  • Professional Organizing
  • Project Management
  • Haunted House Effect Mitigation
  • Whole Home and Lifestyle Consulting Package


We apply the “Precautionary Principal” which simply means that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Our Preventative Action Plan is a 2-Step Energy Balancing Design Process which integrates scientific strategies with cutting-edge holistic techniques to purify, amplify, and ground the “good vibrations” of the indoor environment.


Transform the Atmosphere of your home into one that positively influences mood and behavior, promote wellness, and restores environmental harmony by elevating, amplifying, and grounding the “good vibrations” of the space with simple design tweaks in furniture placement, decor, materials, colour, lighting, sound, air, water, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and landscaping.

Building new or renovating  we review and/or prepare architectural design drawings and engineered building envelopes by our team of Certified BioGeometry consultants, architects, engineers, and building scientists.  We customize strategies to achieve the most optimum design, environmental, and shielding solutions for electrical, mechanical, technology, appliances, building envelope and non-toxic materials.  We also assist in site selection to ensure you have the most auspicious land and recommend design orientation for the most optimum energetic quality.

Buy or Sell Properties by restoring environmental harmony through mitigation of harmful pollutants such as EMF, Geopathic Earth Stresses, and other environmental pollutants.  Before buying, we review the site and architectural plans to ensure you purchase the most auspicious property.  Before selling, we can stage the property and reverse the energy-quality from what we call the “Haunted House Effect” into a “Sacred Space”.


  • High-Quality Indoor Environments
  • Positive Behavioral Changes
  • Reduced Electro/Chemical Sensitivities
  • Reduced MS/Fibromyalgia Symptoms
  • Prevention Strategy for Cancer
  • Natural Pest Control
  • Energy Savings, and
  • Increased Real Estate Value

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  info@architecturecures.com or  416.919.1978 (Local) or 1.888.97.CURES (International)