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iStock_000006792437XSmall200x144 We collaborate with architects, engineers, and designers to “go beyond basic green standards” – we take it a step further by integrating Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Geopathic Earth Stress mitigation with low-cost solutions that provide the greatest positive impact on the indoor environmental quality and occupant health and safety.

We can work on any size project, we teach what we know in our workshops, and train employees in many fields.  It is encouraged to get started with us as early in the project as possible, however, we can step in any point to “tweak” your existing projects and solutions for – New Construction, Renovations, Existing, and LEED projects.


  • EMF Design Review & Mitigation / Modelling / Field Survey / Building Action Plan
  • BioGeometry Design Review & Mitigation/ Field Survey / Monitoring Plan
  • Building Science / Envelope Design / Due Diligence / Condition Survey / Reserve Fund
  • EMF Consulting for LEED
  • Fung Shui Consulting
  • Project Management, and
  • Lunch and Learns


We apply the “Precautionary Principal” which simply means that it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Our Preventative Action Plan is a 2-Step Energy Balancing Design Process which integrates scientific strategies with cutting-edge holistic techniques to purify, amplify, and ground the “good vibrations” of the indoor environment.

We know unnatural man-made materials, chemicals, invisible electromagnetic waves and sublte earth geopathic stresses cause biological effects which can be detrimental to health and productivity.  Why wait decades for studies to confirm what our instincts already tell us?

EMF mitigation requires deep knowledge of building systems, components, building materials, and design – we have years of research and experience in reducing exposure within buildings.  Reducing exposure as a prevention strategy using low-cost to no-cost solutions is forward thinking and sustainable for people and the environment.

Geopahtic Earth Stress mitigation requires deep knowledge in BioGeometry Energy Systems, architecture, and spirituality – only a handful of people understand the significance of creating a design or space with an elevated “energy-quality” which has a direct impact on Bio-energetics.  It is a natural method in pest control and improving the quality of vegetation.  BioGeoemtry has successfully been used in architectural, interior and landscape design, EMF mitigation, enhancement of health, farming and agriculture, aviation, wellness industries, with applications that are endless.

As professional industry leaders, we have the advantage to ensure public health and safety of any size project and craft customized solutions for each client.  Learn from our research and experience and let us help you make your next project move beyond “green”.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: or 416.919.1978 (Local) or 1.888.97.CURES (International)